Happy birthday Stallman!

20/03/2018 168

Today March 16, the Father of GNU, and one of the biggest responsible for today we have to talk (GNU / Linux, Free Software, etc.) is celebrating 65 years of life.

This man is Richard Matthew Stallman, among his outstanding achievements as a programmer is the completion of the text editor GNU Emacs, the GCC compiler, and the GDB debugger, under the rubric of the GNU Project.

However, it is mainly known for the establishment of a moral, political and legal reference framework for the free software movement, as an alternative to the development and distribution of non-free or proprietary software.

He is also the inventor of the concept of copyleft (although not of the term), a method to license software in such a way that its use and modification remain always free and remain in the community of users and developers.

My most sincere congratulations to this great man, and role model.

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