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01/01/2018 229

Hello and welcome to BitBin Computers!

It is a pleasure for us to present our brand's online sales service, where you can buy high-end clones at a more than affordable price. Always with GNU / Linux, the free operating system with the largest community.

This arises in the Christmas of 2017, when celebrating it with colleagues of the guild we decided to do something different, something that did not exist and help the community, but something that really contributed. We talked a lot of projects, both useful programs that would facilitate a lot, and very valid projects and surely approved by the community, but ... there was something that stopped us thinking, and this was our needs, if exactly, we think that would be necessary from our point of view, that we could use as system administrators or software developers, when we concluded all pointed to the same, albeit with small differences, was the same project, and as you imagine, is this! project, where we build clones especially programmers, coders, software developers or anyone who uses GNU / Linux.

When we get a custom order, the first thing we do is study around the budget and the requests of the client, to be able to offer a powerful team and with the maximum compatibility of our beloved kernel, both of the current stable long maintenance version, as of the obsolete versions, which will assure you more than a total compatibility in your clone. We also have pre-selected equipment, of which we ensure to obtain a well-tested equipment with a much higher yield and a laughing price.

When we have chosen the components for the clone, we have to assemble it with care, care and delicacy, which together with the hands with antistatic wristbands of our professionals, give the result of our products.

These products, are progressively tested intensively, to be packed into their cardboard boxes with a quantity of padding that will not allow the brute carrier hits to damage your clone.

And that's it, after three to five days you receive the order in your address, and that's where everything starts.


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