Frequent questions

Why choose us?

The decision is yours, but first of all I think you'll be happy to know that part of the money obtained from your purchase is used to finance open source projects.


Why buy one of our clones?

Here we could say anything to convince you to buy us, but for us, that's not the important thing, the important thing is that you choose us and spread the word, we do not want a customer to buy us, but many satisfied customers with our clones , for that reason, we only use first brands, only the leaders in each sector and that offer total compatibility with GNU/Linux.


What differentiates you from the rest?

Maybe it's not easy to answer that question, but if something differentiates us from other brands, maybe it's our mania to do everything as perfect as possible, and yes, we are able to spend hours researching to get the best compatibility, performance and power to a ridiculous price, maybe it's our passion, but we can not stop doing it.


What guarantee do I have?

Our products have a 2-year warranty throughout Spain, this means that if you suffer a manufacturing defect, we collect it at your home at no cost (only in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands).We have our own technical service in Spain, with a great experience in the electronics of these articles, and which has also been an official technical service for other first level brands.


Can you install another operating system besides GNU/Linux?

The answer is simple, we only install free software in our clones, if you want a different operating system, and this is free we can install it, you just have to specify it at the end of your order.


What distribution will you install?

You can specify a specific one at the end of your order, but we usually install Debian with the XFCE or GNOME desktop.